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Dunhill Cumberland Shakespeare Pipe

Dunhill Cumberland Shakespeare Pipe

$ 4,050.00

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 1564 - 1616 William Shakespeare, born in 1564, is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and one of the world's most important playwrights and poets. His works, themes, style, and language have until this day a lasting influence on the world of theatre, film, opera, and our common language. This White Spot pipe has been specially manufactured to celebrate the 450 years of William Shakespeare's birth in 1564. This pipe, a Bent Dublin in group 4 (4114) in Cumberland finish, is fitted with a silver band engraved with William Shakespeare's signature. The Sterling silver tamper is shaped like a writing quill in an inkwell while the book bears a relief bust of Shakespeare on its cover. The special stamping confirms this pipe to be number 42 of only 400 units world-wide.

Pipe Details

Length:  5.32 in.
Bowl Height:  1.86 in.
Outside Diameter:  1.56 in.
Chamber Depth:  1.50 in.
Chamber Diameter:  0.82 in.
Weight:  1.50 oz.
Stem Material:Cumberland