Dunhill Shell Briar Group 4 Pipe #4204
Dunhill Shell Briar Group 4 Pipe #4204

Dunhill Shell Briar Group 4 Pipe #4204

$ 550.00

Dunhill Shell Group 4 Bulldog. Black Sandblast finish. Handmade in England. Squares are 1" by 1" Dunhill pipes have the long standing reputation of being the best high grade pipes available. Each Dunhill pipe is hand made, using only the best quality briar available, Only 7% of all pipe bowls cut from this briar are good enough to be a Dunhill Shell Briar Pipe and only 1/2% make it to be Root Briar. Star numbered pipes are the very highest grade available. Stems are hand cut and sterling silver bands and caps are all handmade as well. The Dunhill group number indicates the size. Group 4 size pipes are typical full sized pipes, while group 3, 2, and 1 get progressively smaller and groups 5, 6, and OD, larger.

Length:  5.32 in.
Bowl Height:  1.84 in.
Outside Diameter:  1.53 in.
Chamber Depth:  1.50 in.
Chamber Diameter:  0.75 in.
Weight:  1.10 oz.
Stem Material:Vulcanite